The following is a series of questions and answers on the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Wellness Connection program for the University System of New Hampshire (USNH).

Who is eligible for the Wellness Connection Program?
You are eligible to participate in the Wellness Connection program if you are a University System of New Hampshire (USNH) subscriber with Harvard Pilgrim Health Care of New England.

What is the Wellness Connection program?
The Wellness Connection program recognizes employees of the University System of New Hampshire for taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

How can I learn more about the Wellness Connection Program?
You can go to the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Web site and view or download information or call the Wellness Connection members service department at 1-888-311-9334 Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

What does the Wellness Connection program offer me as an eligible member?
The Wellness Connection program has two basic components to it, they are:

1. Fitness Club Membership Reimbursement
2. Membership on Diet.com an online tool for health and nutrition solutions.

Can you tell me how the Fitness Club Membership Reimbursement works?

  • The program pays up to $500 per subscriber contract (individual or family) per calendar year. The $500 is payable to a selected 'in network' fitness center by way of a contracted monthly membership rate.
  • The program covers only the standard fitness center membership. Additional fees for services like tanning or child care and other non-standard services are the responsibility of the member.
  • Any unused program balance is not transferable to other family members nor can it be carried over to the next plan year.
  • Members may transfer their reimbursement to their spouse or dependent, however only one family member can take advantage of the Fitness Club Membership Reimbursement program at a time. The person receiving the reimbursement may transfer their membership to a spouse or dependent one time per calendar year.
  • There are no program dollars available for out of network fitness centers.
  • Members can participate at any time during the calendar year.
  • Members can only participate with one fitness center per month. Members may transfer their membership to another fitness center a maximum of one time per calendar year.
  • Members must attend their selected fitness center 8 times per month. Member must document their attendance at their facility to be paid by the program.
  • If the member fails to attend the fitness center the required 8 times in any given month, the member is financially responsible to the fitness center for that month's membership fee.
  • The fitness center is paid a monthly fee based on what they (the fitness center) charge for a standard individual membership. The lower the monthly rate, the further the program dollars will go.
  • The fitness center must have proof of your attendance. The fitness center is paid the month following the month attended by the member, or when the fitness center submits the club usage for each qualified member.

If the member exceeds the $500 limit the fitness center may charge the member for the monthly fee or any outstanding balance(s) due.

My fitness club is not on the Wellness Connection participating fitness network list. How do I add my club to this list for the covered fitness program?
You may nominate a fitness center by calling your Human Resources Representative. Please know that a nomination of a fitness center is no guarantee that the facility will be added to the network. Contracting and Credentialing of facilities can take up to 60 days for qualified facilities.

What if I join a fitness center as late as November in a year? Can my balance of $500 be applied to following year?
The program provides $500 per family or individual contract per year. Any unused balance can not be carried over to the following plan year nor can it be assigned to another family member.

My spouse and I are both employed by USNH. Do we each have privileges to receive the $500 fitness program?
Only one family member can enroll in the program per year, per plan. If both you and your spouse are employees of USNH and individual subscribers of Harvard Pilgrim under separate plans, you are each eligible to receive $500 for the fitness program.

How do I take advantage of the free membership to Diet.com?
To take advantage of your free premium membership on Diet.com call 800-444-DIET weekdays between 9AM and 4:30PM EST to enroll. Once you have registered, you will have full access to Diet.com tools and experts including 1,000+ healthy recipes, 100+ exercise video demos, 500+ videos including workouts, recipes, and general health topics, a personal workout builder, personalized meal plans and more.

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